Rustic Evil Eye Charm Sterling Silver Necklace

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Introducing our captivating Evil Eye Charm Sterling Silver Necklace, a mystical talisman meticulously crafted using the ancient and revered lost wax casting technique. This extraordinary necklace embodies the protective power of the ancient evil eye symbol, believed to ward off negative energy and offer spiritual guardianship. Handcrafted with utmost precision, each charm captures the essence of ancient wisdom and the intangible forces that shape our existence. Embrace the transformative energy of the evil eye and shield yourself from harm with this remarkable piece. Please note that each necklace is made to order, ensuring a personalized connection to your spiritual journey. Due to the intricate craftsmanship involved, the wait time for these extraordinary necklaces is 2-4 weeks. Safeguard your spiritual realm and adorn yourself with our Evil Eye Charm Sterling Silver Necklace, a testament to both beauty and metaphysical protection.

Necklace Hangs from 18 inch sterling silver chain.