Jewelry Care

Caring for your jewelry is very important for preserving the life of your piece. Here are some facts about copper jewelry. 

The benefits of copper jewelry. 

 Copper is thought to help with arthritis, improve circulation, increase energy, detoxification, and helping reduce inflammation.

Will copper turn my skin green/black?

It depends on these factors:
• Sweat/Body chemistry (pH levels)
• Skin products (lotions, etc.)
• Environment (wet/dry)
• Sensitivity

 How can I avoid turning colors?

One or more of the following may work for you:
• Keep skin and jewelry clean & dry
• Allow lotions/products to fully absorb before putting on jewelry
• Wipe jewelry with a soft cloth before & after wearing
• Apply a thin coat of car or jewelry wax to the surface area that contacts the skin as needed

 Can copper jewelry get wet?

 Yes it can, but note the following. 
• It is best to avoid saltwater & pools with chemicals
• Sulphur water 
• Water may fade/discolor cotton cords and metal finish & may damage leather
• Water can cause oxidation (and discolor your skin), be sure to dry well to avoid this

How do I clean copper?

 Following are several options:
• Place jewelry in plastic container & cover with white vinegar, soak for several minutes, rinse in cold water & dry well.
• Wet copper with lemon juice & a sprinkle of salt, rub until tarnish is gone
• Copper cleaning solution
• Please note: Do not use vinegar to clean jewelry that has pearls, and vinegar may antique brass