Rare Hollandite Amethyst & Hypersthene Copper Necklace

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Envision a striking necklace adorned with rare Hollandite Amethyst and Hypersthene, elegantly set in copper. This exquisite piece of jewelry captures the essence of sophistication and mystique.

At the heart of the necklace is the Hollandite Amethyst, a gem known for its deep purple hue infused with delicate needle-like inclusions of black Hollandite crystals. This unique combination creates a mesmerizing effect, adding depth and allure to the gemstone. Hollandite Amethyst is believed to enhance intuition and spiritual connection, making it not only visually captivating but also spiritually enriching.

Accompanying the Hollandite Amethyst is Hypersthene, a dark, lustrous mineral with a subtle metallic sheen. Its earthy tones and smooth texture complement the regal purple of the amethyst, offering a grounding energy that promotes inner strength and resilience.

Set against a backdrop of copper, the warm tones of this metal enhance the natural beauty of both gemstones. Copper's rich color adds a rustic and artisanal charm to the necklace, providing a perfect contrast to the deep hues of the Hollandite Amethyst and Hypersthene.

This necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry—it's a symbol of elegance and individuality. The rare combination of gemstones, meticulously crafted with copper, creates a statement accessory that exudes both beauty and meaning. Whether worn casually or for a special occasion, this Hollandite Amethyst and Hypersthene necklace is sure to captivate attention and inspire admiration.

Pendant Measures 1.75 inches long with 18 inch chain.