Onyx Crescent Moon/ Pink Aura Spirit Quartz/ Purple & Blue Labradorite Copper Necklace

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Introducing a spellbinding necklace featuring an Onyx Crescent Moon adorned with a Pink Aura Spirit Quartz at the bottom, accented by Purple and Blue Labradorite cabochons, all meticulously set in solid copper. This handcrafted masterpiece blends celestial symbolism with the soothing energies of quartz and the enchanting iridescence of labradorite.

The centerpiece of this necklace is the Onyx Crescent Moon, intricately carved to embody lunar mystique and cosmic wonder. Suspended beneath the moon is a Pink Aura Spirit Quartz, emanating soft pink hues that inspire love, compassion, and tranquility.

Surrounding the moon and quartz are Purple and Blue Labradorite cabochons, each displaying a mesmerizing play of iridescent colors ranging from purple and blue to green and gold. These labradorite stones capture the essence of the Northern Lights, adding an ethereal and magical touch to the design.

Set in solid copper, the pendant exudes warmth and rustic elegance, complementing the mystical elements of the gemstones. Every detail of this necklace is crafted with precision and artistry, making it a unique statement piece that invites admiration and fascination.

Whether worn as a symbol of celestial connection or cherished for its aesthetic beauty, the Onyx Crescent Moon with Pink Aura Spirit Quartz and Labradorite necklace is a testament to individual style and spiritual depth. Embrace the enchantment of the night sky with this extraordinary and captivating creation.

Pendant Measures 3 inches long and hangs from a 25 inch long chain.