Midnight Aura Spirit Quartz/ Grey Moonstone/ Arkansas Clear Quartz/ Hypersthene Copper Necklace

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Introducing a captivating Midnight Aura Spirit Quartz, Grey Moonstone, Arkansas Clear Quartz, and Hypersthene Copper Necklace—a harmonious fusion of celestial beauty and earthly elegance. This handcrafted necklace is a testament to artistry and natural allure.

At its center, the Midnight Aura Spirit Quartz casts a spell with its deep, mysterious aura, evoking the enchantment of starlit skies. Grey Moonstone adds a touch of ethereal charm, shimmering with subtle hues reminiscent of moonlit clouds. Arkansas Clear Quartz, known for its clarity and amplifying properties, amplifies the necklace's energy.

The pendant, meticulously crafted in copper, showcases these gemstones in a captivating arrangement that embodies balance and grace. Hypersthene, with its grounding presence, enhances the necklace's overall energy, making it not just a piece of jewelry, but a wearable talisman.

Each element of this necklace is thoughtfully chosen and expertly crafted, from the intricate wirework to the polished finish. Whether worn for its aesthetic appeal or appreciated for its metaphysical properties, the Midnight Aura Spirit Quartz Necklace is a celebration of nature's beauty and the art of adornment. This necklace invites admiration and intrigue, making it a standout addition to any collection.

Pendant measures 3.25 inches long and hangs from 25 inches long.