LUNA Sterling Silver Necklace

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The crescent moon sterling silver necklace, a wearable talisman forged with intention, intertwines metaphysical essence and timeless elegance. Its delicate crescent shape carries the profound symbolism of the celestial body, reflecting the cycles of life, renewal, and hidden potentials. Crafted from sterling silver, a metal associated with lunar energy and intuition, the necklace becomes a conduit for personal transformation and self-discovery. As it rests upon the wearer's chest, it serves as a reminder to embrace the interplay of light and shadow within, fostering balance, intuition, and the ever-unfolding journey of the soul.

Please allow 3-4 weeks wait time. Each piece is carefully casted here in my home studio. Choose from the menu your desired piece. Larger Luna is 1.25 inches long and small Luna is 1 inch long.