Lepidolite/ Rose Cut Peach Moonstone/ Iolite Sunstone/ Pink Spinel Copper Necklace

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Imagine a necklace adorned with a harmonious blend of captivating gemstones. Lepidolite, with its delicate lavender hues, offers a serene and calming presence. This stone, known for its soothing energy, brings a sense of balance and tranquility to the wearer.

Complementing the Lepidolite are rose-cut peach moonstones, each shimmering with a soft, ethereal glow. These moonstones, with their peachy tones and gentle iridescence, evoke a sense of mystery and femininity, like capturing the moonlight itself.

Intertwined within this enchanting arrangement is the intriguing iolite sunstone. Its unique play of colors—hints of violet and gold—imbue the necklace with a touch of warmth and radiance. The iolite sunstone represents creativity and inner exploration, adding depth and intrigue to the overall design.

To complete this captivating piece, imagine accents of pink spinel set against copper. The vibrant pink spinel, set in contrast against the warm copper tones, infuses the necklace with vitality and sophistication. Pink spinel is a gem of passion and energy, adding a dynamic element to this ensemble of stones.

Pendant Measures 4 inches long and hangs from a 25 inch long chain.