Kunzite/ Blue Kynaite/ Spinel Copper Necklace

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The focal point of this necklace is Kunzite, a gemstone prized for its soft pink to lilac hues that symbolize unconditional love and emotional healing. Kunzite radiates a gentle energy that promotes inner peace and compassion, making it a meaningful centerpiece for this design.

Accompanying the Kunzite are Blue Kyanite gemstones, showcasing a serene blue color reminiscent of a clear sky or calm waters. Blue Kyanite is associated with tranquility, communication, and aligning the chakras, enhancing the necklace's calming and harmonizing qualities.

To add depth and contrast, Spinel gemstones are incorporated into the design. Spinel's deep and rich colors, ranging from intense blues to vibrant blacks, complement the soft tones of Kunzite and the soothing blue hues of Blue Kyanite, creating a striking and balanced composition.

Each gemstone is meticulously set in copper—a metal known for its warm, earthy tones and grounding properties. The copper setting not only enhances the natural beauty of the gemstones but also adds a touch of rustic elegance and artisanal craftsmanship to the necklace.

Pendant measures 2 inches long and hangs from an 18 inch chain.