Hypersthene/ Dendritic Agate/ Herkimer Diamond Copper Necklace

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Introducing a spectacular 3-inch Hypersthene, Dendritic Agate, and Herkimer Diamond Copper Necklace, featuring a striking pendant suspended from a 25-inch long chain. This handcrafted necklace is a fusion of earthy elements and crystalline beauty, designed to captivate and inspire.

At the heart of this necklace is the oversized pendant showcasing Hypersthene, known for its grounding properties and enchanting bronze to black shimmer. Adorning the Hypersthene is Dendritic Agate, displaying intricate patterns resembling natural landscapes or fern-like formations, adding a touch of organic elegance.

Completing the pendant is a sparkling Herkimer Diamond, a type of quartz renowned for its clarity and amplifying qualities, which enhances the overall energy of the necklace.

The pendant is securely set in a rustic copper bezel, highlighting the raw beauty of the gemstones and adding warmth to the design. The pendant hangs gracefully from a 25-inch long copper chain, offering versatility in styling and wear.

This Hypersthene, Dendritic Agate, and Herkimer Diamond Copper Necklace is a true statement piece, perfect for those who appreciate unique and meaningful jewelry. Whether worn as a symbol of connection to nature or as a striking accessory, this necklace embodies craftsmanship and the allure of natural gemstones. Embrace the captivating energy of this extraordinary necklace, destined to become a cherished part of your collection.