Enhydro Namibian Smoky Quartz/ Moldavite/ Garnet/ Orange Tourmaline Copper Necklace

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Imagine a striking necklace adorned with an Enhydro Namibian Smoky Quartz point, Moldavite, Garnet, and three Orange Tourmaline crystals, beautifully set in copper. This remarkable piece of jewelry harmoniously combines the raw beauty of these unique gemstones, creating an enchanting and captivating design.

At the centerpiece of the necklace is an Enhydro Namibian Smoky Quartz point—a gemstone filled with ancient water bubbles, adding a fascinating and mystical element. The smoky quartz exhibits a rich, smoky brown color, radiating warmth and depth. It is believed to possess grounding properties and promote emotional balance.

Accompanying the smoky quartz are Moldavite and Garnet gemstones. Moldavite, a rare green tektite formed from a meteorite impact, exudes an otherworldly aura and is associated with transformation and spiritual awakening. Garnet, known for its deep red hue, symbolizes passion and vitality, infusing the necklace with a vibrant energy.

Adding a pop of color and sparkle are three Orange Tourmaline crystals, each encapsulating a fiery orange hue that contrasts beautifully with the earthy tones of the smoky quartz and garnet. Orange Tourmaline is believed to inspire creativity and joy, making it a delightful addition to this captivating necklace.

The gemstones are intricately wrapped in copper, a metal celebrated for its healing properties and warm, rustic appeal. The copper setting not only enhances the natural beauty of each gemstone but also adds a touch of artisanal charm to the overall design.

This Enhydro Namibian Smoky Quartz point, Moldavite, Garnet, and Orange Tourmaline copper necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry—it is a testament to nature's artistry and the profound energies of these remarkable gemstones. Whether worn for its aesthetic allure or deeper metaphysical meaning, this necklace is sure to captivate and inspire admiration, making it a cherished and meaningful addition to any collection.

Pendant measures 3 inches long and hangs from a 25 inch long chain.