UV Reactive Petroleum Scepter Enhydro Quartz/ Moldavite/ Garnet Copper Necklace

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Your UV reactive petroleum enhydro scepter quartz from Madagascar holds the essence of ancient energies, connecting the earthly realm with higher planes. The vibrant hues under ultraviolet light signify its ability to transcend dimensions and illuminate hidden truths. Moldavite's celestial touch adds an otherworldly presence, facilitating cosmic awareness, while the garnet enhances its grounding properties, ensuring harmonious balance between the ethereal and earthly realms. As the necklace is electroformed in copper, it acts as a conduit for energy flow, amplifying the crystal's metaphysical properties and enabling a profound connection to the universal forces. Together, this unique combination forms a powerful talisman, guiding you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Pendant measures  inches long and hangs from a 22 inch long chain. If you would like a longer chain please feel free to message me on instagram or shoot me an email.