UV Reactive Petroleum Quartz Scepter From Madagascar With Flashy Grey Moonstone Copper Necklace

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Behold the enchanting UV reactive petroleum quartz scepter from Madagascar, a mesmerizing crystal that radiates with ethereal beauty. This rare gem, with its luminescent glow, serves as a bridge to higher dimensions, inviting you to explore the realms of spiritual wisdom and inner transformation. Its UV reactivity enhances the mystical experience, as it reveals hidden aspects of your soul and connects you to the divine.

Paired with the enchanting grey moonstone, this necklace becomes a conduit of intuition and emotional balance. The flashy grey moonstone dances with the moon's energy, guiding you through cycles of growth and renewal, while heightening your intuitive senses.

Encased in the alchemical embrace of copper electroforming, this necklace forms a harmonious union, blending the energies of both crystals into a powerful symphony of metaphysical properties. Wear it with reverence, and it shall serve as a talisman of illumination, guiding you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Let this necklace be a source of inspiration and guidance, reminding you to embrace your inner light and navigate the mysteries of existence with grace. Embrace its UV reactive allure, and let it awaken the depths of your soul, guiding you towards higher consciousness and connection to the cosmos.


Pendant measures 2.75 inches long and hangs from a 25 inches long. If you would like a longer chain please shoot me a message on instagram or email me.