Spirit Quartz/ Lepidolite/ Pink Tourmaline Copper Necklace

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Experience the harmonious energy of our Copper Necklace adorned with Spirit Quartz, Lepidolite, and Pink Tourmaline. This pendant, measuring a graceful 2.75 inches, is a true testament to the beauty of nature's treasures. The Spirit Quartz radiates its spiritual energy, the Lepidolite exudes soothing tranquility, and the Pink Tourmaline adds a touch of gentle love.

Suspended from a generous 27-inch chain, this necklace allows you to carry the calming and uplifting vibrations of these gemstones close to your heart. Embrace the serenity, elegance, and love encapsulated in this piece, making it not just a necklace, but a reflection of your inner beauty and grace. Wear it as a symbol of your unique spirit and appreciation for the wonders of the Earth.