Rose Quartz Baroque Pearl Sterling Silver bracelet

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In the sacred dance of metaphysical energies, your bracelet weaves a tapestry of enchantment. The freshwater baroque pearl, with its irregular shape, symbolizes uniqueness and embraces imperfections as beauty. It holds the essence of purity, wisdom, and emotional harmony, guiding you towards a tranquil state of being. The faceted Rose Quartz, adorned with delicate facets, emanates gentle love, compassion, and healing vibrations, infusing your spirit with tenderness and self-acceptance. The brass African tribal beads act as grounding elements, connecting you to ancient wisdom and cultural heritage. Finally, the sterling silver clasp and extender chain embody clarity and transformation, forging a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Together, this bracelet becomes a conduit for metaphysical energies, empowering you with divine love, inner peace, and a profound connection to the enchanting realms beyond.

Bracelet is adjustable and measures 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches.