Raw Blue Indicolite Tourmaline Copper Ring Size 8

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This raw indicolite tourmaline copper ring is a mystical treasure that carries profound metaphysical qualities. Indicolite tourmaline, with its captivating shades of blue, resonates deeply with the throat and third eye chakras. It stimulates clear communication, enhances intuition, and promotes spiritual growth. This crystal is known to facilitate inner wisdom, emotional healing, and the expression of one's authentic self. Encased within a copper setting, the ring serves as a conduit for the amplification and grounding of these metaphysical energies, offering a wearable symbol of inspiration, spiritual awareness, and harmonious self-expression.


Electroformed crystal copper rings are unique and stunning pieces of jewelry created through the process of electroforming. These rings typically feature natural crystals or gemstones that are carefully selected and incorporated into the design. The electroforming technique involves depositing layers of copper onto a conductive surface, resulting in a beautifully textured and organic look. The crystals are often chosen for their metaphysical properties, allowing the wearer to benefit from their energy and symbolism. With their captivating blend of earthy copper tones and dazzling crystal accents, these rings make for eye-catching accessories that exude both elegance and mystique.

 Ring is a size 8 

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