Mini Crystal Set

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Introducing our Mimi Crystal Kit Deluxe, a dazzling collection of 27 exquisite crystals that promises to ignite your passion for crystal collecting. This kit is a true gem for enthusiasts of all levels, designed to infuse your crystal grids and altar with an enchanting energy.

larimar tumbled 

aura grape agate 

Amethyst stalactite 

2 gemmy pink kunzites 

herkimer diamond 

double terminated Tibetan quartz 

4 fluorite crystals 

2 raw amethyst points 

3 vera cruz amethyst points 

polished amethyst 

aqua aura cluster 

tangerine aura 

facted free form amethyst 

clear quartz 

3 angel aura points 

amethyst slice 

aqua aura crystal ball