Lodolite & Sphene Copper Necklace

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Behold the enchanting fusion of ethereal beauty in this lodolite with sphene pendant, an exquisite embodiment of celestial energies. Lodolite, adorned with captivating inclusions resembling a miniature cosmos, becomes a window to higher realms, facilitating spiritual journeys and inner exploration. The radiant sphene, also known as titanite, exudes a brilliant aura, channeling cosmic energies and igniting the spark of inspiration within you. Encased in the alchemical embrace of copper electroforming, this pendant forms a mystical trinity, harmonizing the energies of both gemstones and infusing them with the transformative properties of copper. Wear it with reverence, and it shall serve as a powerful talisman, connecting you to the divine realms and guiding you on a path of enlightenment and self-discovery. Let its celestial allure inspire your soul and awaken the infinite potential within.

Pendant measures 2 inches long with bail and hangs from an 18 inch long chain. If you would like a different chain please feel free to send me an email or message me on Instagram.