Lodolite/ Green Tourmaline/ Red Garnet Copper Necklace

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Embrace the captivating dance of energies in this lodolite pendant adorned with green tourmaline and red garnet, a harmonious symphony of elemental forces. Lodolite, with its mesmerizing inclusions, serves as a gateway to higher dimensions, inviting you to explore the depths of your consciousness and find inner clarity. Green tourmaline, a stone of healing and growth, infuses your spirit with vitality and renewal, while red garnet ignites the fires of passion and creativity within you. Encased in the alchemical embrace of copper electroforming, this pendant unites the unique energies of each gemstone, creating a powerful trinity that balances and amplifies their metaphysical properties. Wear it as a sacred talisman, and it shall guide you on a transformative journey, connecting you to the Earth's energies and awakening your inner power. Let the union of these gemstones inspire your soul and manifest your deepest desires in alignment with the universe's grand design.

Pendant measures 2 inches long with bail and hangs from an 18 inch long chain. If you would like a different chain please feel free to send me an email or message me on Instagram.