XL Crystal Curiosity Altar Kit

$215.00 USD
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This kit is perfect for any sacred space or altar top. Would be perfect to use during meditations, crystal healings or rituals. 


Kit includes 

Wooden chest 

Large rainbow ammonite 2.35 inches long 

Amethyst cluster 1.12 inches 

Desert Rose cluster 1.5 inches 

Raw Rose Quartz 1.35 inches

Garden Quartz point 1.33 inches 

Large agate druzy 2.29 inches 

Aragonite cluster 1.54 inches 

Amazonite 1.66 inches 

Black tourmaline 1.29 inches 

Large vial with desert rose crystals, rabbits jaw, real moss and ablone sea shells. 

Glass vial teeth

Glass raw peridot vial 

Glass vial sea shells 

Glass vial raw amethyst 

Glass vial random bones 

Glas vial coral 

Glas vial raw garnets 

Glas vial sea urchin spines 

Large glass vial full of moss, dried wild mushrooms, cotote teeth, rabbit jaw bones and desert rose crystals 

2 large sea shells 

Lagre sea urchin spine 

Deer antler tip