Garden Quartz Hexagon Copper Necklace

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Introducing our Garden Quartz Hexagon Copper Electroformed Necklace, a wearable work of art that seamlessly merges the beauty of nature with artisan craftsmanship. This stunning necklace features a 1.5-inch hexagonal Garden Quartz gemstone, renowned for its intricate inclusions resembling miniature gardens, a true marvel of the Earth's creations.

The copper electroformed setting adds a touch of rustic charm to the pendant, with its unique texture and rich hues complementing the organic allure of the gemstone. Suspended elegantly from an 20 inch chain, this necklace is designed to gracefully adorn your neckline, making it a versatile accessory suitable for any occasion.

Should you desire a longer chain length to tailor this necklace to your preferences, kindly reach out to us via email. Elevate your jewelry collection with our Garden Quartz Hexagon Copper Electroformed Necklace, a statement piece that celebrates the harmonious blend of natural wonder and artistic craftsmanship.