Clear Quartz Crystal Point Copper Necklace

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Behold our Clear Quartz Point Copper Electroformed Necklace, a fusion of nature's elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. This unique necklace showcases a genuine clear quartz crystal point, meticulously enveloped in the warm embrace of copper electroforming. Suspended from an 18-inch matching copper chain, this piece embodies a harmonious blend of earthy allure and modern aesthetics.

The clear quartz point, celebrated for its clarity and healing properties, takes center stage. Its multifaceted beauty shines brilliantly, reflecting the inner light of this captivating gemstone. The electroformed copper setting adds a rustic touch, creating an intriguing contrast that's both natural and industrial, making it a statement accessory for any occasion.

 Pendant measures 1.75 inches long.