Chunky Spirit Quartz/ Clear Quartz/ Rose Cut Labradorite/ Spinel Copper Necklace

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Elevate your style and spirit with our Copper Necklace adorned with a stunning combination of gemstones. This pendant, measuring a striking 3 inches in length, is a true masterpiece. It features the enchanting beauty of Spirit Quartz, the clarity of a Clear Quartz point, the iridescent allure of rose-cut Labradorite, and the captivating deep blue sparkle of Blue Spinel.

Suspended gracefully from a 27-inch chain, this necklace allows you to carry the energies of these remarkable gemstones close to your heart. Each stone in this composition adds its unique magic to create a piece that's not just jewelry but a reflection of your inner light and elegance. Embrace the enchantment of this copper necklace and let it shine as a symbol of your individuality and grace.