Black Rainbow Confetti Sunstone Sterling Silver Necklace B3

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Introducing our extraordinary Black Rainbow Confetti Sunstone Sterling Silver Necklace, a true masterpiece that seamlessly combines the enigmatic beauty of black sunstone with the vibrant charm of rainbow confetti. At its core, you'll discover a captivating pendant, delicately measuring 1.25 inches in diameter, featuring a unique open back design. This innovative element allows the black sunstone to refract light, revealing a dazzling spectrum of colors reminiscent of a vibrant confetti shower against a midnight sky.

Suspended gracefully from a sterling silver chain, this necklace isn't just an embodiment of elegance; it offers adjustable versatility as well, with a length that can be customized from 18 to 24 inches. This adaptability ensures that you can wear it as a snug choker or let it gracefully adorn your neckline.