Baroque Pearl/ Lapis Lazuli/ Pink Tourmaline/Garnet Sterling Silver Necklace

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Delve into the metaphysical realm with this mesmerizing baroque freshwater pearl beaded necklace. Each element of this enchanting piece holds its own spiritual significance, coming together to create a harmonious energy. The lustrous baroque freshwater pearls symbolize purity and wisdom, inviting a calming and soothing presence into your life. The sterling silver beads, known for their mystical properties, enhance the necklace's overall aura, amplifying your intuitive abilities and promoting clarity of thought.

Embracing the tribal spirit, the African tribal brass beads carry the essence of ancestral wisdom and cultural heritage. They connect you to the ancient roots of the past, fostering a sense of grounding and protection.

Raw pink tourmaline, with its gentle blush, emanates love and compassion, nurturing emotional healing and self-acceptance. Its presence encourages a deep sense of self-love and helps release emotional blockages, allowing for personal growth and transformation.

Faceted garnet beads bring forth passion, vitality, and energy. They ignite your inner fire, inspiring courage and determination on your spiritual journey. Garnet is also believed to enhance relationships and strengthen bonds, fostering love and devotion.

The faceted lapis lazuli beads, with their captivating blue hue, connect you to the higher realms and stimulate spiritual enlightenment. Lapis lazuli encourages self-expression and encourages you to speak your truth with confidence. It brings forth deep inner peace and clarity of mind.

Together, this metaphysical masterpiece merges the energies of purity, wisdom, grounding, love, passion, and enlightenment. Wear this necklace as a talisman of divine connection, reminding you of your inner strength and guiding you on a path of spiritual growth and discovery.


Necklace measures 18 inches and is adjustable to 22 inches.