Asymmetrical Pink Gemstone Sterling Silver Bracelet

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This bracelet weaves a tapestry of metaphysical energies, harmonizing the spiritual and physical realms in a symphony of transformation. The pink freshwater pearl embodies purity and grace, infusing your being with nurturing love and emotional balance. Faceted Rose Quartz radiates gentle compassion, healing wounds and fostering self-love. Thulite ignites passion and vitality, awakening your creative spirit and revitalizing your energy. Watermelon tourmaline harmonizes the heart and mind, nurturing harmonious relationships and promoting inner balance. The polished quartz point amplifies intentions and purifies energy, guiding you on your spiritual journey. Pink tourmaline invites unconditional love and emotional healing, soothing the heart and fostering self-compassion. Herkimer diamond magnifies spiritual energies, expanding consciousness and enhancing intuition. Pink opal provides gentle healing, soothing emotional turmoil and inviting inner peace. Brass African tribal beads honor ancestral wisdom, grounding you in the strength of heritage. The sterling silver clasp and extender chain symbolize clarity and transformation, bridging the realms of the mundane and the divine. Together, this bracelet becomes a sacred talisman, empowering you to embrace love, embody your true essence, and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Bracelet is adjustable 6 inches to 7 inches.