Agatized Seashell Fossil Copper Necklace

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Agatized spiralite sea shell fossils are fascinating natural formations that result from a unique process known as agatization. Agatization occurs when silica-rich solutions permeate organic materials, such as shells, gradually replacing the original organic matter with agate—a variety of chalcedony quartz. This process preserves the intricate details of the original shell while infusing it with the vibrant and captivating patterns found in agate.

Spiralite sea shells are distinct in their spiral or helical shape, exhibiting a graceful and symmetrical form. When these spiralite shells undergo the agatization process, they are transformed into mesmerizing fossil specimens. The resulting agatized spiralite sea shells showcase a harmonious blend of the shell's structural beauty and the captivating colors and patterns of agate.

Agatized spiralite sea shell fossils often display a range of colors, including various shades of brown, gray, white, and even hints of blue, depending on the minerals present during the agatization process. The patterns within the agate can exhibit swirls, bands, and intricate crystalline formations, creating a captivating and unique aesthetic.

These fossil specimens are treasured by collectors and enthusiasts for their beauty, rarity, and the fascinating combination of organic and mineral elements they represent. They serve as reminders of the ancient seas and the remarkable processes that occur in nature to create such stunning and enduring natural art.

Necklace measures 1.25 inches with bail and hangs from an 18 inch long chain.